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The   Sumcay   Camping   Centre   Trust,   a   registered   NGO,   is   an   autonomous,   financially independent   and   annually   audited,   legal   entity.   Voluntary   trustees   are   appointed   by   the YMCA   and   Scripture   Union,   both   of   which   are   respected   international   organisations   with a long history of working in SA in all communities.  Mission The mission of the Sumcay Camping Centre Trust is to provide a sustainable, friendly, well managed Camping, Conference and Education facility, run on Christian principles, that is affordable and accessible to all communities for: a) leadership development, b) education and training, c) team building, d) personal growth, e) environment education, f) HIV/AIDS prevention programmes, g) life skills development, h) retreats and camps i) reconciliation.

About Sumcay

New proposed education Environment Centre
The original “Sumcay” camping centre opened in 1981 (sleeps 130)
Second campsite opened in 2005 (Sleeps 30 - planned 100)
Sustainability, demand and over 500 000 camper nights Started by volunteers in the late 1970’s, Sumcay has developed into a thriving, in demand campsite boasting modern buildings. Two campsites (current capacity 180; future planned capacity 300) have been developed on 15 hectares of land. Title deeds are held by the Sumcay Camping Centre Trust. All buildings have been owner built (mostly with capital donations raised) and incorporated job creation projects where possible. The location on the upper tidal reaches of the Swartkops River in the heart of the Nelson Mandela Metro, is within easy reach of all communities and ideally situated for an Environment Education Centre. Diverse groups from all communities and including from schools, corporates, youth groups, churches, trade unions, SAPS, etc., have clocked up over 500 000 camper nights since 1984. The demand, as well as good management, has ensured that Sumcay has met all its own running costs (including staff costs) from internally generated fees for over 30 years – a boast few NGO’s can make. All funds raised from outside sources are used entirely for capital development projects and equipment.
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